Star Computers provides robust services for preventing and recovering from business disruptions with business continuity services. In the event of a disaster, proven practices and solutions ensure that your organization can resume operations quickly and efficiently through:

Disaster Recovery

  • Implementing proven technologies for automating data and application recovery across both physical and virtual environments
  • Applying effective disaster recovery plans and failover testing
  • Improve efficiencies by centralizing disaster management practices across all major platforms
  • Reducing hardware costs with efficient server and storage utilization

High Availability

  • Centralizing management and integration of high availability software across varied environment for simplifying clustered operations
  • Implementing proven technologies that automate application recovery and provide undisruptive testing for enhanced operational reliability
  • Implementing improved server and storage utilization for reducing hardware costs

Virtualization Management

  • Applying the highest levels of data protection for ensuring mission-critical support
  • Standardizing management of physical and virtual environments for reducing complexity and costs
  • Managing and supporting environments for ensuring business continuity with application-level recovery in physical or virtual environments