Reduce the cost and complexities of your IT infrastructure while improving its efficiency with Star Computer’s comprehensive Infrastructure Management Services. Infrastructure Management Services helps organizations achieve optimal functionality, process stabilization, and process capability improvements for sustaining on-going operations through:

Endpoint Management

  • Identifying and managing hardware and software assets
  • Automating system migrations, operating systems, patch management, imaging, and deployments
  • Proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and remote management for reducing IT complexity

IT Asset Service Management

  • Implementation of out-of-box asset and service management processes simplified
  • Managing and tracking IT asset information and usage for reallocation
  • Reducing incident response and resolution time with easy access to configuration information

Endpoint Virtualization

  • Centralizing application lifecycle management in dynamic, virtual, and hybrid environments
  • Automate endpoint user role configurations across LAN, WAN and the Internet
  • Optimizing license costs and ensuring compliance through proactive deployment and provisioning rules
  • Eliminating application conflicts to improve system stability and reduce support costs