As technology continues to dynamically evolve, so does the risk of threats to your organizations critical data and information. From the internet and cellular phones to desktops and portable devices, Star Computers provides flexible and powerful Managed Security Services and Solutions that meet your unique security needs and requirements — for optimally protecting your intellectual assets for the long term.

Star Computers reduces costs and saves times by optimizing and standardizing security requirements through several managed service programs:

Security Management

  • Monitoring, identifying and prioritizing security risks threats to your data and information
  • Through anticipating and protecting against threats
  • Creating standards and processes to protect against emerging threats and prevent data breaches
  • Control costs and reduce complexity through continuous security management

Endpoint Security

  • Preventing intrusions and stopping attacks before they reach endpoints
  • Advanced threat protection that safeguards endpoints from known and unknown threats
  • Secures infrastructure from unauthorized access
  • Enables insight into security event information

Messaging Security

  • Real-time security logs for proactively addressing new threats to messages
  • Block viruses and other threats from SharePoint collaboration sites

Web Security

  • Maintain network and data secure of threats from web traffic
  • Protect networks from external threats such as Malware
  • Scan internet email and other outbound web traffic for prevention of data loss
  • Detect and prevent proliferation of botnets and protects users from web application threats