Increase data efficiency through standardizing and automating data storage. Star Computers Storage Management Solutions reduces your costs through integrating storage solutions, standardizing applications, and automating storage tasks through maximizing utilization and increasing responsiveness with:

Data Storage Management

  • Maximize storage usage across varied operating systems and storage components
  • Increase efficiencies with end-to-end visibility and centralized management of applications, servers, and storage across multiple locations and hosts
  • Minimizing IT risks of your storage assets and operations

Archival Management

  • Centralizing and integrating archival solutions for unstructured information from multiple sources such as email, file systems, and Microsoft SharePoint for reducing data tracking
  • Improving performance and scalability with fewer servers
  • Faster response of storage requests and internal investigations
  • Increases in end-user productivity easy access to archived files

Data Protection

  • Implementing and supporting reliable and fast data, system, and application recovery
  • Appling solutions for centralizing data from remote offices for improving recovery times and reduce storage usage
  • Automating backup tasks and simplifying its management for enhancing operations
  • Applies protection and recovery solution for both physical and virtual systems